Sketchdraft, originally founded by Myles M. as Designs of Myles Vello in November of 2016, is a design firm reimagined by Myles M. and Diallo H. in May of 2020.


Through its history pre-Sketchdraft, the design firm served clients in 10 states including Hawaii and New York. Its biggest clients include Rox Brown, a New York-based stylist known for her work with countless celebrities + brands (Lil Yachty, Kylie Jenner, Nike, Adidas, +) and Xavier Rush, a professional football player from Jackson, MS. Sketchdraft aims to serve a large number of clients, produce premium design work, and educate clients on the process and importance of great design work.


CEO of Sketchdraft

Myles is an aesthete and free spirit with a passion for art and design.

Being a very courageous and confident person, Myles sees no limit to his creative abilities. Myles​'s determination over many years has helped him achieve many of his creative goals, including working with a number of celebrities. In 2016, after his work was extolled by the mayor of his city, Myles was invited to the City Hall of Jackson, Mississippi.​ His overall goal is to creatively help and inspire others. He has over 15 years of drawing experience in addition to over 6 years of design experience.

He holds a BFA in Studio Art with a minor in Spanish from Troy University.


CMO of Sketchdraft

Diallo is a creator, always thinking of endless creative possibilities.


Never fitting the molds growing up, Diallo enjoys doing things untraditionally. Being raised in a military family exposed Diallo to many different aesthetics around the world. Constant changes in environments gave him fresh views of how diverse the world can be, sparking his interests in bothers and design. In 2017, Diallo worked with an LLC which used his design work in much of their everyday branding. Diallo loves having the power and drive to leave a positive and creative impact. He has over 5 years of design experience.

He holds a BA in Graphic Design from Troy University.